Marianne Scotto

Marianne Scotto, Board Member

I have worked with The Pain Center of Arizona as their Director of Patient Relations for 14 years and am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life each day.

My love of the ballet and The Nutcracker stems back at least 25 years while exposing my young daughter to the fine arts. We rarely missed the holiday production of the Miami City Ballet. She was inspired by the ballet and dance so much so that she began her career as a ballet dancer and performer at the local ballet theatre company. I was part of their support guild for many years. What I have learned from observing children from all walks of life is the positive effect of dance.
Ballet training instills commitment, dedication and the appreciation of hard work within a disciplined and positive environment. The confidence gained through on-stage performance transfers to a comfort with public speaking and a positive body image.

I am honored to have supported The Phoenix Youth Ballet Theatre since 2009 and continue to assist as the extremely qualified faculty and volunteers make a positive difference through dance in a child’s life.